It’s not the Iowa that you think of.

Corn. Pig farms. Flat lands. Are those what come to mind when you think of Iowa? It’s okay. We get it. And there are plenty of those around here. But nestled among those places include the exposed rock of a 375 million year old fossil gorge, a 110-ton limestone sculpture of a man sitting, resting, and watching the sunrise, and a mountain-bike trail considered one of the best in the Midwest.

The Iowa City area tends to turn people’s heads on their ear when they experience what makes this place…different.

Take in a rock show at Gabe’s Oasis and touch the walls that Nirvana once made vibrate. Explore Macbride Hall and meet Rusty, the giant sloth. Ride the carousel at Coral Ridge Mall with your grandkids…or with your grandparents…and be whisked away to a simpler time.

There is much to see and do in our Curious Communities. You may just need to be here to decide what you want to experience.

Whatever you decide…enjoy.