Foodies unite.

Nestled in the crossroads of the Midwest sits a destination for the lovers of good food. Be it elegant candlelit five-course meals or food carts hawking grilled cheese sandwiches at 2:00 am, the Iowa City area has become a haven for those wishing to gather and enlighten their taste buds to a new experience. In Iowa City you may feast upon milk shakes made from whole slices of pie, slurp corn chowder produced from the freshest and best corn on the planet, and order a jar of bacon as an appetizer.

What’s more is how these unique morsels have become the ties that bind us all. Date night and sharing a bottle of wine and the prosciutto chicken at Basta before heading to a show at the Englert Theater; Gathering family for brunch on Sunday morning while watching bald eagles take flight on the river at the Iowa River Power Restaurant; meeting up with your buddies for a Marco’s Grilled Cheese after you went separate ways bar hopping earlier in the evening.

The food scene in Iowa City, Coralville, North Liberty, and all of Johnson County means many different things to different people. But the most important thing it does is brings us all together.